EU-Germany agreement on e-fuels: Italy insists on biofuels


Germany has reached an agreement on e-fuels with the European Union which will allow endothermic cars to be able to continue to be sold even after 2035 on condition that they can run exclusively on this fuel. The German Government can so celebrate while the Italian one remains dry. Our government, in fact, while supporting Germany's battle on e-fuels, had also pushed for biofuels by virtue of the fact that it was the only one to promote the battle against e-fuels. of the principle, more; repeatedly reiterated, of neutrality; technology.

The European Union, however, has closed the door to this possibility; given that the inclusion of biofuels would have meant rewriting a large part of the legislation for the 2035 target. Apparently, however, Italy seems to want to insist on biofuels.


With Germany having reached an agreement with the European Union, Italy does not have the numbers to block the process of approving the legislation on 2035. So, it is; it is unlikely that openings on the subject of biofuels can come from the EU. Despite this, Minister Matteo Salvinistates that the Government is determined to go his own way to protect jobs, the environment and businesses; productive not to make a gift to China. For this reason, for the minister it is EU needs to open up to biofuels.

Not too distant is the position of minister Gilberto Picchetto who hopes that the EU will not remain unreasonable and deaf to the calls that come from a founding country like Italy.

In addition to the ministers, a "negative" on the agreement that excludes biofuels comes from many of the members of the majority. For example, the head of the delegation of the Brothers of Italy – Ecr in the European Parliament, Carlo Fidanza, commented:

Timmermans Ecological Transition will take a lot of time. enormous economic costs for households and businesses and political costs in terms of strategic dependence on China. The new targets for reducing CO2 emissions are unrealistic and achieving them will take a lot of time. a devastating social impact. It is necessary to strenuously defend the principle of neutrality; technological, on the basis of which it must be possible to reduce polluting emissions also with biofuels which, considering the life cycle, are more; sustainable than electricity. We note the agreement between the Commission and the German government on e-fuel. Following the same principle, it makes more; that the Meloni government is good not to give up on this point, which is; obviously consistent with the Italian national interest but also with a realistic scientific and non-ideological approach.

However, the match for Italy seems to be over. Tuesday will be held the vote of the Energy Council which will express itself; on the legislation on 2035 with the inclusion of the amendment resulting from the agreement between the EU and Germany. With Germany’s guaranteed 'yes' vote, they no longer seem to have the right to vote. be there obstacles for approval.

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