The parents sent criminal Mohammed home to Somalia


Published 26 March 2023 at 15.49

Domestic. At the age of 16, the Somali Mohamed Hassan Alim from Rinkeby was about to start crime. But then the parents sent him to an Islamic educational institution in Somalia – which put an end to the criminality, reports SVT.

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Mohamed was chained and subjected to various kinds of abuse for 1.5 years, he tells SVT.

– They hit you under the heel, they hit you in the palm of the hand, in the back of the head – at points that hurt extremely, he tells the TV giant .

It must have been about breaking down the criminal youths who were there and trying to build them up into faithful Muslims.

According to the Equality Authority, 140 children and young adults have been sent out of Sweden on similar educational trips in recent years.

Despite the tough time at the institution, Mohamed Hassan Ali is not angry at his parents, who must not have realized how harsh the environment at the institution was. And besides, he stopped the crime.

– They thought that it is better that our son is there than in a destructive environment here, he tells SVT.