Social welfare recipients must be forced into “activity” full time


Published 26 March 2023 at 07.39

Domestic. M wants to introduce requirements that people who receive support must carry out so-called “full-time activities”, which means education or socially useful efforts, writes Dagens Industri.

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Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announces during the Moderates' Sweden meeting in Karlstad that the party is taking the first step towards a grant reform.

Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson says that the new regulations will place demands on both municipalities and people who receive welfare support.

A grant reform was part of the Tidö agreement between M, KD, L and SD, where lower taxes for low and middle income earners and a grant ceiling are also included.

The government will issue an investigation tasked with designing the requirement for full-time activity and developing a bill.

The proposal looks like it could become a reality given the composition of the Riksdag.

Mats Knutson, SVT's domestic policy commentator, says that this is a first step in bi the tax reform and that it is consistent both with what the Moderates have been talking about for several years and with the settlement that is the basis of the government constellation.