California wants to ban police dogs – 'become racist'


Published 26 March 2023 at 20.50

Foreign. The US state of California is now close to introducing a ban on police dogs in interventions against people. The reason is that the dogs usually become racist after a few years in service, writes the Daily Mail.

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Previous studies have shown that dogs tend to be more aggressive attacks on black suspects and that the majority of those bitten are black when dogs are used against crowds.

Supporters of the bill also point out that dogs “offend” black Americans because these animals were used during the days of slavery to track runaway slaves.

State politician Corey A. Jackson, who is behind the proposed ban, now wants to ban police dogs entirely in cases where black Americans are at risk of being bitten.

– The use of police dogs have inflicted brutal violence and lifelong trauma on black and colored Americans, he said in a press release.

– This bill marks a turning point in the fight to end this cruel and inhumane practice and build trust between the police and the ethnic groups that they s ka serve.

The proposal has a lot of support and is now expected to be approved by the state assembly.