Book giant deplatforms right-wing publishers


Published 26 March 2023 at 14.09

Culture. The publishing house Arktos, which publishes books with an anti-globalist, traditionalist and system-critical theme, has been suspended by the world's largest book distributor, Ingram Content Group.

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This has resulted in over 430 published books no longer being available to the public, the publisher writes in a press release.

Arktos regards this as one of the biggest attacks on freedom of expression to date.

Already in 2021, Arktos was contacted by Ingram Content Group who wanted to terminate the collaboration. After the publisher objected to this, nothing was heard for 14 months, before the publisher was informed in February of this year that Arktos' books will stop being printed as of March 25.

Arktos writes in the press release that it is firm decided not to be deterred by the deplatforming and launching a new website.

The publisher intends to transform itself into a think tank and offer a new online journal, an online university and exclusive access to selected e-books and audiobooks.

Arktos also urges its sympathizers to sign up for a premium membership on their website to support the continued work against the enemies of freedom of expression.

Arktos' Swedish CEO, Daniel Friberg, says the publisher is to carry out a comprehensive review of its operations in order to be able to distribute all titles again as soon as possible.