Volkswagen, the new Multivan T7 California will be? unveiled in 2023


For those who love outdoor holidays and it is linked to the Volkswagen Multivans, news is on its way; interesting. Speaking at the company's annual press conference, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO Carsten Intra confirmed the forthcoming arrival of the motorhome variant of the latest generation Multivan. p>

Therefore, the new Multivan T7 California will go on sale. to replace the current model Volkswagen California 6.1. The presentation of the camperized version of the German multivan was expected by the end of 2023. On the market, on the other hand, will come a variety of products. in 2024.


The California variants are very popular with Volkswagen customers. The basis of the new model, of course, will be; that of the Multivan T7. At the moment no particular information has been shared on its technical specifications but according to Autocar it could become the first camper van to be equipped with a Plug-in powertrain.

It would therefore be a 1.4-litre petrol engine combined with an electric propulsion unit capable of delivering 218 HP (160 kW). A 13 kWh battery would also be combined with this powertrain. Alternatively, however, the new Multivan T7 California would have the units available. petrol or diesel that the German brand already offers; in the various markets on your Multivan.

We want to expand the range of our camping models and develop digital services for customers, completely new services to complete the purchase of a vehicle. But we are also preparing the show car of the new California based on the Multivan, which we are planning to present by the end of the year.

But Volkswagen is not only working on the new Multivan T7 California. In fact, the CEO has reconfirmed again that it will be; the California version of the ID was also launched on the market. Buzz. We are talking, however, of 2025 as the sooner it will be; a long wheelbase variant of this electric model has been brought to market debut.

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