BMW 4 Series Coup?: what if restyling was like this?


For BMW 4 Series Coupeé the time to receive the restyling is approaching. The current generation dates back to 2020 and is characterized by that XL kidney grille that has caused much discussion among supporters of the German brand. Therefore, the car manufacturer is working on an aesthetic update that will allow the vehicle to be seen on the road. to refresh the look of the car. The faceliftit is been already photographed during the classic road tests.

Starting precisely from those images and from some indiscretions on the news; Coming soon, the colleagues from have created a render that tries to imagine the final features of the car.


You shouldn't expect any particular upheavals. In fact, the German manufacturer will contribute; some tweaks to the front and rearof the car. In particular, there will be new LED headlights that appear to have a similar style to the headlights featured on the new X5 and X6. The bumper will also receive a makeover. some design updates. In addition, all versions should have the M Sport package as standard. No particular change, on the other hand, to the double kidney which will maintain the function. its current size. At the rear, on the other hand, mainly new graphics for the light clusters should arrive.

The restyling will hardly lead to a change. news inside the passenger compartment, in addition to the possible availability of of new coatings. In fact, already; With the model year 2023, the manufacturer introduced the BMW Curved Display with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster screen and a 14.9-inch infotainment system screen. Probably, with the facelift the platform of the infotainment system will be; updated to the iDrive 8.5 version that the brand has recently talked about.

As far as the engines are concerned, however, it is; likely that the manufacturer could introduce new versions equipped with mild hybrid technology. However, there shouldn't be any big changes. The debut of the facelifted BMW 4 Series Coupé it is expected within the year. In dealerships it should arrive around the middle of the year. of 2024.

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