AFA profile Tor Alsén is convicted of weapons offences


Published 25 March 2023 at 17.31

Domestic. Left-wing extremist AFA's controversial “strongman” in Gothenburg, Tor Alsén, 37, has again been convicted of a crime, Avmaskerat reports.

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I September last year, the police stopped a vehicle after a search in their system received information that the owner, Tor Alsén, was connected to AFA.

“Tor states that he has been to (the left-wing extremist, FT :s note) the book fair and that he is now on his way to pick up acquaintances of his to drive them to a party,” the police write in a report according to Avmaskerat.

Tor was seen as very nervous when he was stopped and therefore the patrol decided to go through the left-wing extremist's car, according to Avmaskerat.

They then found a baton and a tear gas device in a jacket that was in the back seat. Tor Alsén was therefore sentenced this week for both violation of the Weapons Act and violation of the Knife Act to daily fines of a total of SEK 25,000, according to a judgment from the Gothenburg District Court.