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Volkswagen Touareg, the debut of the restyling is approaching. New spy video


Volkswagen will be presenting a new vehicle. the restyling of the Touareg during next summer. Meanwhile, the German brand is completing development tests. In early February, the automaker shared some official images of the SUV's facelift even though the car still had body wraps to cover up the design details. Now, thanks to a spy video from CarSpyMedia, it is possible to find out more. It is possible to observe the restyling of the SUV almost completely devoid of particular camouflages.

It is therefore a question of the possibility; to be able to better observe some of the innovations; of design that the automaker has decided to introduce.


Watching the video you can still notice some films present on the headlights of the car. However, it seems clear that the facelift will not introduce the big changes but will bring about; a series of tweakswhich will allow the Touareg to remain competitive in the increasingly demanding segment. crowded with SUVs. Thanks to some previous information, we already know how to do it. that, in addition to some changes to the bumper, Volkswagen introduced new LED matrix headlights. In addition, we will find an LED light strip that crosses the entire grille.

As for the interiors, the video does not allow you to see them clearly. However it is not. a problem because; Volkswagen already had; shared some early pictures. In addition to new upholstery, we will find a latest generation infotainment system equipped with a 15-inch touch screen with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With the facelift, there will also be a series of tweaks to the chassis and set-up that will improve driving dynamics on all types of routes.

As regards the engines of the SUV, no major changes are expected compared to the current offer. Therefore, we will always have unity; both diesel and petrol. The top-of-the-range version will be; the Touareg R eHybrid which will be able to; count on a Plug-in powertrain.

The debut is less and less missing. So, all we have to do is wait for news – about the launch of the Volkswagen Touareg restyling.

[Video: CarSpyMedia]

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