Archer Aviation with United Airlines for a flying taxi service in Chicago


The urban air mobility (UAM) sector continues to be increasingly popular. dynamic. Among the companies engaged in this sector there is; Archer Aviation which is “ also supported by Stellantis. As we know, the automotive group is collaborating with this reality; to get to produce Midnight, the eVTOL that Archer Aviation has developed.

It is this electric aircraft that will be used for the future. used, in the future, in a "flying taxi" in a section that will connect to; the city; of Chicago where it is; present the "Vertiport Chicago" (a vertipotus, the structure where eVTOLs can land and take off) with Chicago-O'Hare International Airport. Everything will be possible thanks to an agreement between Archer Aviation and United Airlines.


According to what has been said, he takes it from the city; to the airport (and vice versa) should take only 10 minutes of flight. By way of comparison, by car, the same route, says Archer Aviation, can also take an hour at peak times. Therefore, this flying taxi service aims to offer a more convenient way. simple, comfortable and fast to reach the airport from the city. and vice versa.

This service will be available to you. initially limited to the airport-city center route; but over time we will focus on to offer additional routes to other important points in the area. Chicago is; one of the most large cities; of the United States and is an important business centre. Therefore, a transport service through eVTOLs could be very interesting especially for all those who travel often for work.

Archer Aviation describes the future service as cost-competitive without going into detail. But even if it were accessible, at least at the beginning, only to wealthy people, it could still be an opportunity to get involved. interesting for business travellers. Speaking of the aircraft that will be; used, Midnight allows you to carry on board up to 4 passengers plus; the pilot and offers a range of up to 100 miles (about 160 km). In particular, Midnight – primarily intended for trips of 20 miles (approximately 32 km), with a recharge time of 10 minutes.

United and Archer will work with ComEd to build the necessary infrastructure to be able to recharge this eVTOL. When will he leave? the flying taxi service? If there are no hitches, the flights will start in 2025.

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