'Sonos Move 2 on the way' (and these are the expected improvements)


According to rumored Chris Welch of The Verge, a successor to the Sonos Move is on the way. But will the Sonos Move 2 still be in time for summer? Gonny van der Zwaag | iCulture.nl – 23 March 2023, 20:05 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

Sonos Move 2

The new Era 100 and Era 300 speakers have only just been announced, or something new appears to be in the pipeline at Sonos. It concerns the second generation Sonos Move, the somewhat heavier portable speaker for in and around the house. It is not a complete innovation, but is more about small improvements that make use just that little bit more pleasant. In terms of design, much remains the same, if the rumors about model number S44 are correct. Inside is a newer processor with more memory, so you can receive updates for longer and have better performance.

Perhaps the most interesting improvement is that it has a line-in connection, just like the Era 100. This is probably also a USB-C port, which you can expand with a dongle to connect Ethernet, for example. There would also be automatic switching between WiFi and Bluetooth, while with the current Move you still had to press a button on the back. A question mark is whether there is stereo support, as is the case with the Era 100. The introduction is planned for the second half of 2023, so it will be late summer or later. This means you won't miss the opportunity to sit on your balcony with this speaker, unless Sonos decides to release the Move 2 earlier.

The current Sonos Move is a great speaker and is still a good purchase. The suggested retail price has now been increased to €449, but it can be found at various stores for around €369. If you want to know more about this speaker, read our review of the Sonos Move.

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Incidentally, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has said several times that Sonos will enter a new product category in the course of 2023. This speaker won't be a revolutionary reveal, but we still have some more to look forward to.

The current Sonos Move can be found below:

Sonos Move blackSonos Move white prices