SD pokes Elsa Widding after the media campaign


Published 23 March 2023 at 16.51

Domestic. The Sweden Democrats poke their popular member Elsa Widding from the environment and agriculture committee. Widding has been subjected to an extensive media campaign in which she has been portrayed as a “climate denier” and the like.

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Already during her first debate on the issue in the Riksdag in October, Elsa Widding caused an outcry among the media and other politicians by questioning the so-called climate threat.

She was previously known for having been portrayed as a “climate denier” in a long report in SVT's “Aktuellt”.


Now Widding has been quietly removed from her seat on the Environment and Agriculture Committee, and no replacement has yet been appointed.

This is despite the fact that she was specifically recruited to SD because of her expertise in the climate area.

Instead, she gets an unglamorous place as a deputy in the tax committee.

Martin Kinnunen, who is the SD's environment and climate policy spokesperson, has no answer as to why Elsa Widding is demoted in this way.

– That question must be put to the group management. However, it was not prepared which committee she would work on when the lists were put together. What I do know is that she seemed to be able to work in any committee, that was the communication we received from her anyway, he tells the Altinget.