Viaris Solar, an electric charging system that integrates with photovoltaics


At the Rimini exhibition center, the K.EY fair kicks off today – The Renewable Energy Expo dedicated to energy transition and renewable energies. Space, therefore, for solutions involving photovoltaics, energy storage, wind power, hydrogen, mobility and mobility. electricity and much more.

With the growing diffusion of photovoltaic systems in homes, companies are developing new solutions that make it possible to exploit the energy produced to recharge cars Plug -in or electric. For example, at this fair, Orbispresented a preview of the new Viaris Solar system.


The company says that Viaris Solar is the first company in the world. It was designed to integrate the Viaris Uni and Viaris Combi+ charging solutions for electric vehicles into a photovoltaic system to make the most of the energy produced from renewable sources. This special charging point works with single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems with powers from 2 to 65 kW.

More specifically, this system can count on a bidirectional meter that allows you to fully exploit the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels, maintaining total control thanks to 3 different modes; of use which can be selected from the dedicated app or from the system management web page.

  • Green: recharging takes place only when there is a battery. sufficient energy production from the photovoltaic system. For recharging, energy is never drawn from the distribution network.
  • Hybrid: recharging takes place in a priority manner using the energy produced by the photovoltaic system with a minimum from the distribution network to guarantee the closure of the recharge cycle.
  • Full: recharging takes place by adding the maximum power available from the distribution network with that of the photovoltaic system. In this way it is possible to recharge the car as soon as possible; quickly as possible.

Through the dedicated application "e-VIARIS" will be It is also possible to monitor in real timethe power supplied by the photovoltaic system, the one absorbed by the vehicle and by the loads of the house. In this way, it will be It is also possible to choose the best time to refuel the car. Precisely for this reason, the possibility is given; to be able to program up to 6 different time slots during the week and another 6 time slots for the weekend, choosing mode; charging and maximum power for each time period.

The advantages of this recharging system that uses the photovoltaic system increase if it is; there is also an energy storage system as Stefano Lucini, Marketing Manager of Orbis Italia explains:

The advantage grows further when the system is equipped with storage batteries that allow recharging even at night, while the car is parked. conveniently parked in the box or garage. Consumption in the home usually drops a lot at night, so the vehicle finds greater availability. of power and the gain becomes almost double, because; if on the one hand I miss the opportunity; to sell energy at a low price (almost a disincentive) on the other hand, I don't draw energy from the grid at very high costs, especially in the F1 range during the day when it's hot. there is also solar energy.

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