LGBTQ lobbyist Micke Moggia is charged with sexual abuse of dozens of children


Published 22 March 2023 at 15.29

Domestic. Michele “Micke” Moggia founded the controversial gay sex hookup site Qruiser. Now the 55-year-old pederast is being charged with sexual abuse against a large number of children.

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The extensive indictment concerns crimes such as child rape and child exploitation for sexual posing.

He is also charged with a number of child pornography offences, including filming his own child rapes against children aged 10-15.

Micke Moggia is also suspected of manipulating children on social media to get them to agree to meet him. That crime is called contact with children for sexual purposes.

Moggia was previously a leading representative of RFSL Stockholm and webmaster for RFSL's website. He also created and ran the site Qruiser, which has become a gathering place for gay men seeking sex with young boys.

The 55-year-old has previously been convicted of crimes. In 2016, he was convicted by the Court of Appeal for having sexually abused a 13-year-old autistic boy for several days at Karlstad's city hotel. Moggia had groomed the boy via the internet for a long time, and when he showed up at the hotel, he had a dog collar, foot and handcuffs with him.

He is being defended this time by lawyer Thomas Bodström, former Social Democratic Minister of Justice.

The LGBTQ movement's connections to pedophilia

• In November 2020, Stoppa Pressarna revealed that high-profile gay activist and EU parliamentarian Fredrik Federley (C) had acquired a boyfriend who was convicted of 22 counts of aggravated child rape. It later emerged that Federley also had other convicted pedophiles in his closest circle of acquaintances. On December 11, Federley announced that he was completely leaving all political positions.

• In the summer of 2019, Världen Idag revealed that several people with connections to Pride and related organizations had recently been convicted of sex crimes against children. Among the convicted pedophiles was a senior manager of Pride.

• In 2019, it was noted that a “key person within Pride” sought sexual contact with minors on the LGBTQ forum Qruiser.

• In February 2015, Fria Tider revealed that the RFSL's chairman in Southern Sweden was arrested for rape and sexual assault against several boys. The man was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.

• In 2013, it emerged that Stockholm Pride had recruited a person to a managerial position, even though it was known that he had been convicted of raping a 13-year-old boy.

• In the summer of 2012, Fria Tider revealed that pedophilia activist Kjell Rindar had managed the opening of Stockholm Pride.

• In 2006, Stockholm's Fria Tidning revealed that the LGBTQ forum Qruiser was used to spread child pornography.

• In the fall of 2003, RFSL Ungdom's chairman was sentenced to a suspended sentence for sexual abuse of a 13-year-old boy who was a member of the organization. Today, the same crime would probably have been assessed as child rape and resulted in several years in prison.

• In the summer of 2002, the newspaper Världen today revealed an extensive commercial sex trade with children on RFSL's website. The articles won the Golden Spade and were nominated for the Great Journalism Prize.

• In the spring of 1999, Pål Hollender told Göteborgs-Posten that senior RFSL representatives advocate pedophilia, but that they are low because “opinion cannot handle it yet”.

• In 1993, a UN report showed that the RFSL's travel guide Spartacus was widely used by pedophiles when they made their sex trips to Thailand. The guide was, according to the UN, a guide for pedophiles who were looking for children abroad.

• In 1991, the RFSL's federal congress discussed a subdivision for pedophiles. The motion was rejected, but in the same year it was revealed that the Pedophila Arbetsgruppen had a mailbox that went to the RFSL's address.

• In 1983, the RFSL sent a sexual policy statement to the Ministry of Justice in which it defended a positive attitude towards pedophilia. “Who is the criminal? The pedophile who bestows tenderness and love and promotes a natural sexual and personality development or so-called normal people who cause confusion and with taboo terror hinder the natural gender and personality development?” it was stated among other things in the material.