SD couple reported to police after purge in Stockholm


Published 21 March 2023 at 09.34

Domestic. A former top candidate in the Sweden Democrats, Mari Malm, has reported the SD leaders Henrik and Linnéa Vinge to the police for defamation and false information. Aftonbladet reports.

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Mari Malm.

Mari Malm was one of several leading representatives of SD Stockholm who were expelled from the party last year.

According to her it is the party leaders and the couple Henrik Vinge, group leader in the Riksdag, and his wife Linnéa Vinge, deputy group leader in Stockholm City Hall, who are behind the purges.

Mari Malm herself was jailed after being accused of stealing a drones and documents from the party's office. She was also alleged to have threatened a board member.

“Because it is not true, I have asked to see the basis for the accusations. They are denying me that,” writes Malm in a letter to the police.

Mari Malm says that she has been thinking about filing a police report for a long time and that she wants the police to investigate whether the circumstances surrounding her exclusion may have been criminal.

– I was popular and liked by the members in the party, and did a good job, but my reputation has been completely ruined. It feels like you threw five, six years on the rubbish heap, she tells Aftonbladet.