JO criticism against the Swedish Tax Agency's refusal to accept cash


Published 21 March 2023 at 10.20

Domestic. Chief JO Erik Nymansson today criticizes the Swedish Tax Agency because it is not possible to pay an application fee in cash. This goes against the Riksbank Act.

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– According to the Riksbank Act, authorities are in principle obliged to accept cash as payment of a fee, says Erik Nymansson.< /p>

The Tax Agency writes on its website that it is only possible to pay the fee for changing your first name via Swish or bank giro.

The fact that it is possible to visit a bank and via bank giro to pay with cash does not mean according to the JO's decision that the Tax Agency has lived up to its obligation.

– Sweden's Riksbank issues banknotes and coins as legal tender. At the same time, one of our largest authorities does not accept them if someone wants to pay the fee. This is remarkable, surprising and against the law, says Nymansson.

The decision emphasizes that the statements made in the case are also relevant for other types of public law charges.

– Everyone in society needs be able to make payments, even those who cannot or do not want to do this electronically. I fear that many authorities are not clear about the far-reaching obligation they have to accept cash as payment, says Erik Nymansson.