Timmermans: sar? the automotive industry to choose zero emission technology


The theme of the stop to the sale of endothermics from 2035 continues to cause much discussion, especially at a political level. In recent weeks we have talked about it very often and we have seen how negotiations are underway between some countries of the European Union with the aim of slowing down the transition and pushing on the concept of neutrality; technology.

In this debate, the focus was on The Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans has now been added to Italy for an academic event.


Speaking with La Repubblica, Timmermans underlined that endothermic cars will not disappear from 2035. There will still be cars with combustion engines, but the new ones will not be able to emit CO2. Furthermore, he points out that the European Union leaves the choice of the technology to be used to the manufacturers to achieve the goal of zero tailpipe emissions.

This decision will be made by you. the industry. Is not serious; a choice we make. We have only indicated the goal, zero emissions. The rest depends on the companies in the sector and the supply chain. What technology do you want to develop? I prefer battery-powered, electric or hydrogen-powered cars, but if there are other technologies, it is up to the industry to decide, not us.

The vice-president of the European Commission is the first to decide. then went on to touch on the theme of China. As we have seen, in Italy there is; much discussed that a too rapid transition to electricity could benefit China and cause thousands of jobs to be lost in our country. For Timmermans, on the other hand, it is necessary to move forward and not backward if we want to give the European automotive industry a future.

While we are debating, China's car manufacturers, in 2023 alone, will bring 80 new models of electric cars to Europe that are also accessible to citizens with fewer resources. We have to react. If we want a future for the automotive industry in Europe we have to move forward and not tie the automotive industry to the past. This is serious; important. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake for the future. And the future is cars without CO2 emissions.

Relative to Italy, Timmermans adds that when the agreement on 2035 was discussed, our country said it was satisfied because ; a solution had been found on small car manufacturers. Therefore, the Vice-President of the European Commission hopes that the Italian Government can be convinced that on this regulation it is necessary to necessary to move forward.

And as regards the e-fuel proposal made by Germany, it was; negotiation opened. However, Timmermans makes it known that he is sure that he will be found. a solution to the current stalemate.

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