The SVT alarm: Children get panic attacks from the “climate threat”


Published 20 March 2023 at 16.53

Domestic. In a feature in SVT, an invited child psychologist states that children can suffer from “panic attacks before bedtime” due to the so-called climate threat.

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SVT's feature is based on a new “heavy climate report” from the UN today.

According to SVT, the report will not “make for cheerful reading” – especially “not for children”.

– Children can feel a great deal of frustration and wonder why the adult generation does not do more for the climate for their generation, says child psychologist Reyhaneh Ahangaran to SVT.

She claims that “children's climate anxiety” can sometimes take physical expression.< /p>

– Children can, for example, react with panic attacks before bedtime, says Reyhaneh Ahangaran.

The child psychologist's advice to parents is to find out information about the so-called climate together with the children, including let the children watch SVT's “Lilla aktuellt” which is “a great news source”.

You should also give the children “hope” by, for example, Googling and seeing how many climate organizations actually exist.

It is also important that parents take the children's “concern seriously”, according to Reyhaneh Ahangaran.

– It is actually quite adequate to feel a concern about the climate threat, she says.