Skoda: with the current Euro 7 legislation, 3,000 jobs at risk


There is no upload. only the issue of stopping endothermics from 2035 to hold the stage in recent weeks. Even the new Euro 7 legislation is causing a lot of discussion not only in the political world but also in car manufacturers. To launch a new alarm on the consequences of the entry into force of the new and more stringent legislation on polluting emissions for the automotive sector, thought Martin Jahn, member of the board of directors of Skoda, during a televised debate. p>

As Reuters reports, the manager said that if the legislation were definitively approved with the current structure, Skoda could be forced having to close a factorywhy? should stop producing models like Fabia, Scala and Kamiq. All this would result in a loss of as many as 3,000 jobs. Martin Jahn adds that, including all related industries, in the Czech Republic there would be around 10,000 jobs at risk due to Euro 7.


Is not serious; the first time that a member of a car manufacturer raises an alarm on the consequences of Euro 7. Already; in the past several manufacturers had warned that the costs to adapt the cars to the new standard would be very high. Investments that would take precious resources away from the electrification process and which would be useless given the European Union's goal of putting an end to the sale of internal combustion cars by 2035.

As we have seen recently, some EU countries that have shown skepticism about Euro 7, including Italy, have come together to formulate proposals to amend the legislation. For these countries, the new legislation on emissions could also lead to an increase in car prices, slowing down the renewal of the vehicle fleet.

For its part, the European Union had made it known that the proposal on Euro 7 is; ambitious but not unachievable. The Euro 6 regulation dates back to 2012 and since then car manufacturers have made several steps forward and cars are already ready for use. close to the levels of the new Euro 7 legislation.

Luca de Meo also spoke on this debate in the past, in the role of number one of ACEA, the association of European car manufacturers, who also reiterated him the risks of the increase in car prices due to Euro 7. Increases that would have discouraged people from buying new models, slowing down the turnover of the fleet in circulation.

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