Weekly review and outlook: In the 11th week of 2023, Windows 11 22H2 will cause hustle and bustle


This week, Windows 11 caused quite a stir – be it due to update problems, performance losses due to HVCI or a number of obstacles that Microsoft users encountered when installing Windows 11 22H2 laid. The readers were also interested in an e-car from VW for less than 25,000 euros.

Windows 11 is causing trouble

It almost feels a bit like the calm after a storm, as Jan and Fabian stated on Wednesday in the eleventh episode of the ComputerBase podcast CB-Funk: After the next-gen hardware almost every week in the last few weeks and months or new triple-A games came onto the market, the 11th calendar week of the meanwhile not so young year on ComputerBase passed quite quietly. Only Windows 11 caused a stir in the editorial office: On the one hand, the current Microsoft operating system can now also be installed in the Pro version without any trickery, only with a Microsoft account and thus an Internet connection. That can be really annoying in everyday life, as not only Jan had to find out for himself.

And on the other hand, Windows 11 was also a topic on the start page. New benchmarks confirmed that the factory-activated memory integrity (HVCI) – if supported by the hardware – can cost a lot of performance: In the editor's CPU performance rating, an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X without HVCI delivers an average of 6 percent more FPS. In practice, which will be characterized by the GPU limit for most gamers in most games and especially at higher resolutions, the effects are smaller. But anyone who has good reason to base their gaming CPU purchase decision on 720p benchmarks should be aware of the effects of the additional security features in Windows 11.

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A fully electric VW for less than 25,000 euros (in 2025)

In terms of reports this week, it was the announcement by VW that the ID. 2all to unveil an all-electric compact car for under 25,000 euros in 2025, which attracted the special interest of the readers. With the compact ID.2, VW wants to significantly reduce the entry-level price, but still promises that the ID. 2all will start with functions such as the latest version of Travel Assist for partially automated driving and IQ.LIGHT, i.e. LED matrix headlights. The range is 450 kilometers (WLTP), so that the ID. 2all should not only be suitable for the city: VW promises “a fully-fledged electric car for every day of the year”.

Volkswagen also announced that it intends to introduce a total of ten new electric models by 2026 – including the ID. 2all. The new ID.3, the ID. Buzz with a long wheelbase and the ID.7 sedan.

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GDC and GTC will start on Monday

The editors have already planned a test report on Zowie's wireless EC3-CW for the coming week . But first of all, it's all about a particularly quiet piece of hardware. And on Monday both the GDC and the GTC will start – one is the Games Developers Conference and one is Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference with a focus on AI.

With this reading material in your luggage, the editors wish you a relaxing Sunday!