Pi? powerful against cyber attacks


Ransomware, brute force, DDoSand the like: the zoo of parasites of crime; computer science is constantly growing and hardly anyone cares about it until it's ready. forced to intervene the exterminator. But be careful: like any virus, computer parasites can affect anyone. Recently a well-known company – German company that operates precisely in the field of software had to take its servers offline due to a cyber attack. According to the company, the damage was limited (only) to internal systems. Customer cloud services would then have been spared the attack. However, the example demonstrates that even software companies are not immune to cyber attacks.

Even if no data is stolen and production operations are not compromised, every attack blocks the capabilities ; and slows down productivityoften for months. Cyberattacks are on the rise around the world, causing billions of dollars in damage. An international survey conducted this year has shown that on average one in two companies is been the victim of a cyber attack at least once in the course of a year. Yet, the software is; the backbone of the modern world. Everything is becoming more and more; smart and connected, even mobility.

Mobility is smart and connected. electric is seen as a push for the digitization of mobility; individual motorized. This is translates into an always greater interconnection between cars, charging stations, network operators and energy suppliers. However, this inevitably increases the risk of breakdowns, as there is a risk of failure. failures in electronic systems can spread beyond individual subsystems.


When faced with horrific scenarios such as a blackout, it is not a matter of course. necessary to freeze like a rabbit faced with a snake. The best way to reduce cyber-risk is to take advantage of it. a good prevention. A security-oriented approach is essential. fundamental. This is This means that the safety aspect must be firmly anchored already in the process. in the design and development phase. While this should go without saying, it isn't. always like this. As a software-based company, for us it's the most important thing to do. important not only to talk about computer security, but also to be a role model for the sector.

With the certifications, we make it visible to everyone that information security and data protection are a top priority. absolute for Juice and that the corresponding measures are constantly being implemented. The ISO/IEC 27001 standardit is synonymous with this and it goes without saying; that charging stations must meet the highest standards; high levels of the automotive industry. For this reason Juice is; also certified according to the ISO/SAE 21434 standard since 2022. This; means that all electronic systems, components, software and all external connections are treated from the point of view of information security. The directive also covers the management of IT security throughout the supply chain. The standard is; was created for vehicles, but reflects exactly our “security by design” approach, which we have always cultivated. Our charging stations, for example, are among the first to have the ISO 15118 standard. This ensures, for example, that the data connection between the infrastructure and the vehicle is protected against unwanted access and external manipulation.

Overall, the charging infrastructure is connected and controlled intelligentlyplays a vital role in mobility; electricity, which has passed its initial phase. Indeed, charging stations are becoming important nodes with the growing interconnection of vehicles, home control systems and energy suppliers. Smart charging stations should not only offer a service to electric vehicle drivers, but also be a stabilizing element in the electricity grid. The crux is; the software. Connectivity, security and therefore sustainability depend on it. of individual devices, ultimately, of the entire intelligent network.

However, the intelligent connection must not only take place on a technical level, but also between industry, energy suppliers and authorities. All parties involved need to realize that with each new actor connecting to the network and communicating with each other, the whole infrastructure becomes more and more. vulnerable. Effective protection against cyber attacks can help you. therefore only be reached when mobility is available. electricity will be understood by all parties as a connected global system. It is an awareness that should not be long in coming, since the transport and energy sectors are among the critical infrastructures that need special protection.

This rubric is for you. curated by Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, a Swiss manufacturer of charging stations and solutions. He has always had a practical bent, so much so that he left school just before his baccalaureate. to take a business administration course at university, then switch to IT soon after. But that wasn't enough for Christoph Erni: he wanted more! About 20 years ago he founded his company & agrave; management consultancy, Erni Associates AG.

In 2014, noting the lack of suitable charging solutions, he decided to enter the manufacturing sector and founded Juice Technology AG. In its first year of operation, the company has grown significantly. secured pole position in this segment with the 22 kW Juice Booster 1 portable charging station, and has been on the market ever since. remained there.

Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology

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