A large percentage of Ukrainians have left Sweden


Published 18 March 2023 at 10.37

Foreign. Of the 40,000 people who registered for protection under the mass migration directive on 1 February 2023, only 33,000 chose to submit an application for a residence permit.

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– We had expected more applications and will now take a closer look at why this did not happen. It may be that people have left Sweden without notifying the Swedish Migration Agency and therefore remained in our reception system. In that case, they will be discharged from the system now, says Sanela Ovcina, regional director at the Swedish Migration Agency, in a statement.

It is clear in any case that many Ukrainians are leaving Sweden quickly.

In total, since March last year, the Swedish Migration Agency has granted residence permits to roughly 49,000 people in accordance with the mass migration directive. Around 9,000 of them have since been registered as having voluntarily left or deviated and therefore been written out of the reception system.