Tesla wants to produce up to 1 million cars a year in the German Gigafactory


Tesla's Gigafactory of Germany continues to progressively increase its capacity; productive. In late February, the automaker said it was producing 4,000 Model Ys a week. So, we're talking about 200,000 electric cars a year. As we know, the company is working to build 500,000 cars a year.

Although this goal has not yet been achieved and, in fact, is still far away, the American car manufacturer is already looking to the future. to the future. In fact, Tesla presented last Wednesday – an application to increase the production of its factory in Grünheide in the state of Brandenburg. The German media reported it, but the news was unclear. it was later confirmed by the same company.


Specifically, it is An application has been submitted to double the capacity in the future; production of the plant. According to the environmental agency that received the application, Tesla has applied for authorization for an increase in the capacity of the vehicle. production from the current 500,000 vehicles per year to one million vehicles per year to be achieved in the future.

However, we are not talking about a request that also includes an expansion of the factory. In fact, the environment agency underlines that the necessary systems will all be installed within the current structure.

For the construction of the German Gigafactory, Tesla has had to face several obstacles. In particular, he has had several problems with environmental groupson topics such as deforestation and water exploitation. And by presenting the request for an increase in production to the environment agency, the American automaker has actually underlined that it will not have any more changes. need to use larger quantities; of water thanks to its water reuse program.

Tesla has optimized the planning and production processes in such a way that even the quantities reused. of fresh water previously used as a basis and contractually agreed upon are sufficient for this expansion.

The submission of the application to the authorities – German is not surprising since already; the expansion plans of the factory have been talked about for some time and for more; parts was already; the “environmental” question was raised. Given what has happened in the past, it's not a good idea. said that these assurances from Tesla are enough. We'll see what happens. It seems clear, however, that the American automaker intends to make the Gigafactory of Germany an increasingly more productive hub. important.

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