Expo stops Swebbtv's conference at Skansen


Published 17 March 2023 at 12.21

Media. The long-standing restaurant Solliden at Skansen in Stockholm has stopped a conference with the web TV channel Swebbtv after pressure from the far-left Expo.

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Swebbtv's conference was to be held at Solliden at the end of March and the tickets were sold out.

The organizer promised, among other things, speakers and a closing party dinner with an award ceremony and sing-along.

Vensterextrema Expo's employee Hedwig Gordon, however, contacted the restaurant's owner Burgviks Group and stated that Swebbtv is an “extreme right-wing and conspiracy theory” channel.

Now Burgviks Group has canceled the conference, citing the “core value issue”.

– We have a Swedish historical environment which is very beautiful in the right context, but which may not be beautiful in other contexts, so we are careful about that, says a “high-ranking representative” of the company, who demands to remain anonymous, to the far-left Expo.

Swebbtv's Mikael Willgert writes on the channel's website today that during the morning he has tried to get in touch with those responsible for the cancellation, but that no one can be reached.

Burgsviks Group AB is apparently a company that acts “deceitfully, dishonestly and breaks agreements and then is going underground”, he notes.

“The communists in Sweden have long acted through EXPO to stop freedom of expression and they have obviously succeeded once again”, writes Mikael Willgert.