The police rage against reduced penalties for stone throwers: “What should we have to endure?”


Published 15 March 2023 at 09.19

Domestic. The Supreme Court's decision to greatly reduce the punishment for participants in the Koran riots who threw stones at the police is now officially criticized by the Police Authority.

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– Of course we can nothing more than asking ourselves what we as police officers will actually have to endure in order to apply the higher part of the penalty scale, says commanding officer Emelie Bodegrim on the police's website.

She continues:

– Our employees who were in Sveaparken during the riot had to experience something that closely resembled a war zone while they were defending our democracy.

The Supreme Court's preliminary ruling on Tuesday, after the Koran riots in Sveaparken in Örebro last Easter, has caused a stir. The one convicted man received 6 years in prison in the district court, 5 and a half years in the Court of Appeal and landed in 3 years and 3 months after the High Court's decision on Tuesday. The other got 5 years in both the district court and the court of appeal, but got away with 3 years now after the Supreme Court's verdict.

The punishment scale goes from two years to eighteen years in prison, so the duo ends up just above the minimum sentence.

In the judgment, it is reasoned that “the group as such has had certain intent” in a violent riot, while the collective intent is not decisive when it comes to gross sabotage against blue light operations. Instead, the focus in the assessment is on “the individual's deeds and intent”.

– This perspective means that the “consensus and shared responsibility” that previous judgments, from the district court and the court of appeal, are based on, among other things, means that also ends up in a sentence reduction for these two individuals, says Emelie Bodegrim.

One thing she considers positive, however, is that the High Court verdict establishes that it really is about gross sabotage against blue light operations.