Sennheiser Profile: USB microphone for streamers, podcasters and gamers


The manufacturer Sennheiser, better known for its headphones, is presenting a new USB microphone, the Profile, which, thanks to its versatility, will convince both content creators and players in terms of sound and make recording work easy should.

The KE 10 condenser capsule, known from Sennheiser, forms the heart of the USB microphone, which should enable a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz with a resolution of either 16 or 24 bits and a sampling rate of 44.1 and 48 kHz. The maximum sound pressure level should be 125 dB SPL, Sennheiser makes just as little information about the associated distortion factor as about the signal-to-noise ratio.

Together with the built-in electronics, the recording unit should ensure a warm and pleasant voice reproduction, the manufacturer specifies 15 cm as the optimal distance for this. As is usual for such microphones, the Profile is also a side-address microphone, which is therefore addressed from the front and not from above, and in which the cardioid characteristic is used.

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Sennheiser Profile (Image: Sennheiser)

Easy to use without big setup

For use, Sennheiser wants to have simplicity at the top. The microphone should simply be connected to a PC or mobile device via USB-C, where it will then be automatically recognized and set up – drivers should not be necessary. However, this is not a unique selling point of Sennheiser, but now applies to most USB microphones. The situation is different with the settings, which should not be made via appropriate software, but directly on the device. The Profile has a control for the input gain on the front, which can be used to adjust the microphone volume. There is also a controller for the ratio between your own voice and other audio devices and a volume controller for headphone monitoring, for which there is also a 3.5 mm jack on the back. The microphone also has a sensor mute function.

Decent lighting

In addition, the lighting in the form of various discreet LED rings should provide information about the operating status of the microphone at any time. A green ring over the gain control of the sound pickup shows that it is ready for use. If this lights up yellow temporarily or completely, the user should turn down the input volume because the microphone overdrives. If the profile is muted, not only the input control but also the corresponding mute sensor on the edge lights up red.

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Available immediately

Sennheiser offers all of that Profiles made of metal are now available in two different versions: The version with a table stand is said to be available at an RRP of 129 euros, while the “Profile Streaming Set” is supplied with a self-fixing 3-point arm and is said to cost 199 euros. Both variants do not have an integrated decoupling. However, the microphone can also be used with tripods from other manufacturers without any problems via the 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch connections.