New BMW 5 Series, debut in October. In 2024 the electric Touring


The time is approaching for the presentation of the new generation of the BMW 5 Series which will be on show. also offered in a 100% electric version called the BMW i5. Oliver Zipse, CEO of the automaker, provided some further details on the new 5 Series.

The presentation of the sedan will be held at 11:00 a.m. in autumn and precisely during the month of October. Speaking of the electric model, Zipse has made it known that it will be; also proposed in an M version given the great success that the BMW i4 M50 has enjoyed; was the most successful BMW M model; sold to the world in 2022.

On the technology front, the new 5 Series will be able to; count on the new 8.5 version of the iDrive infotainment system of which the German brand had shared some initial information just recently. The new 5 Series will continue its evolution. also to be proposed in the Touring variant which has good success, highlights BMW, especially in Europe.

The number one of the German manufacturer then confirmed that the new 5 Series Touring will be available on the market. also offered in an electric version which, however, will make its debut in the during the spring of 2024. Speaking of the other engines, the new BMW 5 Series will have; of units petrol and diesel mild hybrids as well as plug-in versions. The new model will be; built exclusively at the BMW plant in Dingolfing.


We have talked about the development of the new BMW 5 Series, also in the Touring and electric versions, several times thanks to the arrival of some spy photos. From the shots leaked up to this moment we have been able to see that the design will be; an evolution of the current one, without major upheavals.

The headlights will have a more streamlined design; thin compared to the current one but they will not be on two levels as on some of the latest models of the German brand. Also, the double kidney will not grow as quickly. excessively sized. As far as the interior is concerned, however, we will find the well-known BMW Curved Display which contains the screens of the instrumentation and the infotainment system itself.

The details on the powertrains of the electric models are not yet known but – It is possible that the German brand may use the units of the German brand. now featured in the BMW i4. Since the debut is still a few months away, it's time to go. further information may emerge.

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