MIMO 2023, what's new? of the third edition. There? also the Indy Autonomous Challenge


The third edition of the MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show, which will take place in from 16 to 18 June 2023, it is was presented at ACI Milan. The new event dedicated to enthusiasts of the world of motors will be able to count on a calendar full of dynamic events and novelties: test drives of all engines inside the Monza National Circuit and an exhibition hub in Piazza Duomo in Milan.


MIMO will be a dynamic three days that will see; the Autodromo di Monza takes center stage. Visitors will be able to test the models in a specially created 4 km circuit which includes a passage on the ancient banked sections, and with chicanes which allow to simulate the different conditions of use of the car and put the steering and suspension to the test.

In this third edition of MIMO there will be; also the Focus Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Cars. For the occasion it will be an area has been set up on the straight of the high-speed ring; where will it be? It is also possible to familiarize yourself with the reloading procedures of these cars.

Talking about the MIMO 2023 calendar, Friday is the day of the week. June 16 two events will take place, the Premiere Parade and the Monzanapolis, both parades that will see the total 10 km covered by the union between the Formula 1 track and the high-speed ring. The Premiere Parade is; the fashion show which at 16.30 will see; the representatives of the car manufacturers at the wheel of their new cars; accompanied by journalists, testimonials, sportsmen and ambassadors. At 19 it will be; the Monzanapolis moment that will see; the participation of collectors and owners of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Dallara, Porsche and Lotus.

Saturday, June 17 will be the; the day dedicated to clubs and meetings, including the celebration fashion show for the 120th anniversary of ACI Milano. Sunday 18 Junewill be the day of the Indy Autonomous Challenge with the final at 14.00. and research centers around the world. The new Dallara AV-23 will be driven by control software which, thanks to the sensors, computers and other ADAS systems installed, allows the cars to drive autonomously and to battle each other in elimination challenges.

In Milan, in the Duomo pizza, it will be; the MIMO 2023 showcase was created with some previews of the brands that will be placed near the information center, available to the public to provide information and the programme.

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