Cannabis dispute behind Skyttedal's sex report


Published 15 March 2023 at 16.15

Domestic. EU parliamentarian Sara Skyttedal (KD) reported party colleague Johan Ingerö to the police for sexual harassment because he opposed her proposal to legalize cannabis. It states “sources with access” to Expressen.

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Skyttedal scandal

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  • KD's party secretary resigns – reported for sexual harassment by Sara Skyttedal

At the beginning of March, Sara Skyttedal reported Johan Ingerö to the police for sexually harassing her by touching her thighs in connection with a KD alcohol party in 2014.

This has come to light since Ingerö suddenly resigned as KD on Wednesday: s party secretary.

According to Expressen's information, the alleged molestation must have been committed after a drunken Skyttedal, then chairman of the youth union KDU, fell asleep on a bed between two men.

On Facebook, Sara Skyttedal has said that she made the report because Johan Ingerö committed a new, “professional” assault against her.

According to sources for Expressen, this is about Ingerö having opinions that a few months ago Skyttedal left out in the media and called for cannabis to be legalized, citing that she herself uses the drug.

This created discontent within the party leadership as the proposal goes against the party line. Unlike other KD tops, Johan Ingerö must have presented his views regarding this directly to Sara Skyttedal. He reportedly tried to persuade her to refrain from participating in SVT's “30 minutes” on February 2 to talk about drug legalization.

– There was a broad consensus in the party that her participation was a bad idea , but it was up to Johan to perform it. And he was forced to raise the tone considerably, says a source to Expressen.

According to Expressen, it is unclear what exactly was said during the conversation.

According to Johan Ingerö, Sara Skyttedal's accusation of sexual harassment is false .