AI products for companies: Google presents competitors for Microsoft and OpenAI


After Microsoft and OpenAI presented in the AI ​​race in the last few weeks, Google is now launching a counterattack. The group announces new AI products for the cloud offering, aimed at developers and companies.

In the future, developers and companies will be able to use the PaLM API to develop their own applications based on Google's AI language models. The API is supplemented by the MakerSuite tool, which is intended to accelerate the development of prototypes and ideas. The AI ​​ecosystem in the Google Cloud is also being expanded.

Selected developers should already have access to the API. There is a waiting list for everyone else.

AI Tools extend Google Workspace

Google's workspace with applications such as Gmail and Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms is also being considered with new AI functions. What Google describes are AI assistants that are intended to make everyday life in the company easier. An employee from the human resources department who creates individual job advertisements serves as an example. The AI ​​variant of Docs can already generate a template with keywords, which can then be further adapted. In addition, users can choose the right tone of voice depending on the occasion.

In essence, the tools offer what you would expect from applications based on Large Language Models (LLM). These are made available as part of the Trusted Tester program, which is scheduled to start in the USA this month. More features will follow over the course of the year.

Google describes the upcoming products as groundbreaking, these would be a “crucial point in our AI journey”. The breakthroughs in generative AI models would fundamentally change how people interact with technology. However, users should still have control over the content. In addition, the group promises security measures against misuse and the protection of data.

Answer in the AI ​​race

Shortly after the start of Microsoft's ChatGPT integration, Google had already followed up with Bard, a competitor for the chat AI in Bing. But glitches spoiled the presentation. According to media reports, Google's executive floor already conceded in front of employees that the presentation did not go well.