The Riksbank plans to raise interest rates in April


Published 14 March 2023 at 13.29

Economics. As planned, the Riksdag intends to raise the key interest rate by 25-50 basis points in April, despite the banking chaos in the US. This was announced by Riksbank Governor Erik Thedéen in a hearing in the finance committee today.

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Erik Thedéen stated that inflation is still far too high and that monetary policy needs to act to that inflation should fall back to the target of 2 percent “within a reasonable time”.

He also commented on the ongoing bank collapses in the US:

– We follow developments in the financial markets and assess in the current situation that there is no risk to the financial stability in Sweden, said Thedéen.

Among other things, the Swedish banks are subject to stricter regulatory requirements than the actors in the USA who have had problems, the governor of the Riksbank underlined.

< p>– The direct exposures to these actors are also limited at the Swedish banks. At the same time, it is not unusual for turbulence in the foreign capital markets to rub off on Sweden. We therefore monitor the situation carefully and, as always, are prepared to take measures should it change quickly, said Erik Thedéen.

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