KD's party secretary mysteriously resigns – after a few months in the post


Published 14 March 2023 at 16.22

Domestic. Johan Ingerö was appointed party secretary for the Christian Democrats as recently as 23 October. Today, the party announces that he is leaving his post, without explaining why.

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The Christian Democrats' press manager Mia Widell has no explanation as to why Ingerö is leaving the post when she gets questions from Dagens ETC. She only comes up with platitudes that it is now a matter of “looking forward”.

Widell also claims not to be able to answer whether the 44-year-old liberal's fate is connected to any police matter.

According to information to Expressen, no one in KD's party board had received information about the matter before the press release went out.

Party leader Ebba Busch comments on the matter in general in a press release:

– Johan Ingerö has served as party secretary during an eventful transition period where the Christian Democrats went from opposition to government. His well-documented communication skills and political know-how have come in handy. I would like to thank Johan Ingerö for his many years of service to the party and wish him the best of luck.

While the process is underway to find a new party secretary, deputy party secretary Fredrik Noreback serves as acting deputy.

“The assignment for the new party secretary will focus on developing the party organization and building a strong position before the upcoming elections,” the party writes.