AMD's little Genoa: Siena becomes AMD Epyc 8004


AMD's low-cost server platform is taking shape: Siena will form the new AMD Epyc 8004 series and thus under the previous 9004 server family, which was only strengthened today has received new embedded solutions.

A smaller socket, halved memory interface and the officially confirmed reduction of the cores to 64 as a maximum should serve the markets that do not have expensive ones and maybe even need oversized Genoa on Socket SP5 with 12-channel memory.

Nevertheless, Siena shouldn't be anything like Intel's Xeon D, but rather full-fledged Zen 4 trust cores, so it is significantly higher in terms of performance. Siena will probably take a seat in the SP6 socket for this, the first solutions could be available from the middle of the year, the certifications are already running. Epyc-8004 series endorsement comes from PCI-SIG database.

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