Mercedes GLC Coup?, the last teaser before the debut of the new generation


Mercedes is preparing to debut the new generation of the GLC Coupé . Tomorrow, March 14, the automaker will take off the car. the veils on this new model. To keep attention high, the German manufacturer has shared a latest teaser showing the rear of its new car in the dim light.


Last year, Mercedes introduced the new generation of the GLC, one of its most important models; appreciated. So, it was only a matter of time before the new GLC Coupé also arrived. Of this model, however, already; We know some things also thanks to the arrival of several spy photos that had immortalized the car during the classic road tests.

Of course, the new GLC Coupé will present some of the news; techniques introduced on the new GLC. Speaking of the design, in addition to the obvious differences at the rear, the GLC Coupé will differ; by the GLC for some stylistic choices that will allow this model to have a more modern look; gritty.

The interiors will be completely similar to those of the GLC that we already have; got to try. So, there will be a lot of technology with the introduction of the latest generation of the MBUX system. Digital instrumentation will be able to count on a 12.3-inch screen, while the actual infotainment system will have; of an 11.9-inch vertical touch display.

As for the engines that we will find under the hood of the new GLC Coupé, we will have to find all the same units; already present on the new GLC. Then, there will be units of petrol and diesel equipped with Mild Hybrid technology as well as Plug-in versions. Of course, there will also be high-performance versions from AMG. Is it possible that they will already be disclosed? with the launch of the new GLC Coupé. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for the official presentation to find out all the details of this new model, including the first indications on its marketing.

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