ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5: Lenovo puts up to 120 CPU cores in desktop workstations


Lenovo unveils the new ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5, the most advanced desktop workstations the company has ever built. From dual-socket processors to regular single-socket Xeon CPUs to smaller workstation solutions, in addition to Nvidia GPUs, a complete range is offered.

Server hardware in the flagship

The workstations are not necessarily small, even though the pictures sometimes suggest that they are. This is of course due to the hardware. The new PX series (pronounced “P10”) relies on a large dual-socket mainboard with space for two current processors from the Xeon SP family, codenamed Intel Sapphire Rapids, each with a maximum of 60 cores, flanked by 16 RAM slots according to the DDR5 standard for up to 2 TB RAM.

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And since up to four Nvidia RTX 6000 from the new Ada generation (from summer) can also find their place and nine memory locations up to 60 TB of storage can be offered, the total weight of the 22.0 × 57.5 × 43 .5 cm large black and red design box including an optional redundant power pack can weigh up to 38 kilograms. In the end, a workstation merges with a server in the product. Even Lenovo's product images show entire farms of these workstations combined – all of this can ultimately be theoretically implemented with the server solutions. However, whether it is also practical is another matter.

Lenovo ThinkStation PX

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In the new ThinkStation P7 and P5, the new real workstation generation from Intel is making its way. The P7 family relies on the Xeon W-3400, i.e. the high-end solutions with up to 56 cores, while the P5 family is powered by a Xeon W-2400 and thus marks the entry point. DDR5 memory is also supported here, in both cases with eight DIMM slots for 1 TB or a maximum of 512 GB of RAM.

ThinkStation P7 (image : Lenovo)

Three RTX 6000 Ada fit into the larger P7, and a maximum of two accelerator cards fit into the P5. With a maximum of 52 or 48 TB of storage capacity, they are hardly inferior to the flagship. The fully packed P7 weighs up to 23 kilograms at 17.5 × 50.8 × 43.5 cm, the P5 is almost half a ThinkStation at 16.5 x 45.3 x 44.0 cm and weighs up to 21 kilograms PX.

The first systems of all classes are to be delivered worldwide at the end of May, including Germany. Lenovo is not yet talking about prices, they will be communicated shortly before launch, the manufacturer explained when asked by ComputerBase.

Lenovo ThinkStation P5

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ThinkStation P5 (Image: Lenovo)

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