Arc Beta: Intel optimized first for Hogwarts Legacy


Intel is the first of the three graphics card manufacturers to offer a graphics driver optimized for the eagerly awaited magic adventure Hogwarts Legacy. But not much more is happening – although there are wide optimizations, bug fixes remain – once again – missing. The list of open problems gets longer.

The first graphics driver for optimized magic

Although Nvidia has released a new game-ready graphics driver with the GeForce 528.49 WHQL today, the version does not bring any special optimizations for the Hogwarts Legacy, which will be officially released on February 10th but is now already playable for buyers of the deluxe version. And AMD has not yet made a corresponding driver available either; Graphics cards of the RX 7000 generation are still stuck with Adrenalin 23.1.2, which was released two weeks ago, while older Radeon graphics accelerators are still being fobbed off with Adrenalin 22.11.2, which was released in early December. Within the next week, however, there is an update that is supposed to bundle the graphics drivers for new and old again. So Intel stays ahead in this regard.

Intel Game-On Optimizations

  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Returnal

Also, the Arc beta is already optimized for Returnal, which will jump from PlayStation on February 15th creates on the PC.

Many open errors are evidence of a big construction site

Apart from that, however, very little has happened, as a look at the official release notes (PDF) reveals: The list of known driver errors that have not yet been addressed is still comparatively long. And this time there is no listing of the fixed problems.

List of known but not yet fixed bugs

  • Intel Arc Graphics Products:
    • Red Dead Redemption 2 (Vulkan) may experience application crash in benchmark mode when Screen Type is Fullscreen.
    • Halo Infinite (DX12) may exhibit color corruption during gameplay when Reflections settings are enabled.
    • Sea of ​​Thieves (DX11) may exhibit color corruption on water edges.
    • Conqueror's Blade (DX11) may exhibit corruption in benchmark mode.
    • System may hang while waking up from sleep. May need to power cycle the system for recovery.
    • GPU hardware acceleration may not be available for media playback and encode with some versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • Blender may exhibit corruption while using Nishita Sky texture node.
  • Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics Products:
      < li>Driver installation may not complete successfully on certain notebook systems with both Intel Iris Xe + Iris Xe MAX devices. A system reboot and re-installation of the graphics driver may be required for successful installation.
  • Intel Core Processor Products:
    • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (DX12) may exhibit texture or striped corruption during gameplay.
    • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (DX12) may exhibit texture or striped corruption during gameplay.
    • Dysterra ( DX12) may exhibit visual corruptions during gameplay.
    • Total War: Warhammer III (DX11) may experience application crash while loading battle scenarios.
    • Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 (DX12) may exhibit corruptions on certain buildings and floors during gameplay.
    • Conqueror's Blade (DX12) may experience application crash during game launch.
    • A Plague Tale: Requiem (DX12) may experience application freeze and crash during gameplay.
  • Intel Arc Control:
    • Windows UAC Admin is required to install and launch Arc Control.
    • The Live Performance Monitoring page may not apply the desired removal of some performance metric tiles.
    • The Resizable Bar status may show an incorrect value on systems with multiple Intel Graphics Adapters.
    • Using Arc Control Studio capture with certain games may incorrectly generate multiple video files.
    • Using Arc Control Studio capture with AVC codec selected may incorrectly use the HEVC codec.
    • Modifying performance sliders may fail to apply back to their default values. A workaround is to use the “Reset to Defaults” button.

This shows once again: Arc is currently a major construction site for Intel. Most recently, however, the manufacturer was able to record significant performance gains, especially when using the outdated graphics API DirectX 9.

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