This is what an iPhone Ultra would look like if Apple made it look like the Apple Watch Ultra


There has been speculation for a while now about an iPhone Ultra, as an extra expensive version of the iPhone. But what if it gets the same design as the Apple Watch Ultra? A designer has created a concept that looks quite remarkable. Benjamin Kuijten | – 7 February 2023, 12:27 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

The Apple Watch Ultra has a fairly distinctive appearance that distinguishes itself well from the regular Apple Watch models. That is not surprising, since the Apple Watch Ultra appeals to a specific target group. Whether that will also be the case with the possible upcoming iPhone Ultra remains to be seen, but if the design starts to resemble this concept, it must almost be the case. Designer Jonas Daehnert (@PhoneDesigner) has created an interesting concept of the iPhone Ultra, based on the design of the Apple Watch Ultra. Would you like such an iPhone?

Concept iPhone Ultra

The overall design elements of the Apple Watch Ultra are reflected in this concept. For example, the housing is made of titanium and the edges are also round instead of flat. We do see the raised edge at the screen, as we also have with the Apple Watch Ultra. As a result, the screen itself still lies flat on the housing. With the buttons we also see similarities with the Apple Watch Ultra. The buttons are covered by a protruding part, although this is less useful with the iPhone than with the Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch Ultra, this ensures that you can operate the buttons more easily (for example, with gloves during a brisk walk), while at the same time preventing you from accidentally pressing them. That's not likely to be the case with an iPhone.

Also interesting is the orange button at the bottom left of the side of the device. On the Apple Watch Ultra, this is the action button that allows you to use certain functions faster. On the iPhone, for example, this could be used as a specific camera button, the maker of camera app Halide suggests.

In the concept, the iPhone Ultra generally looks a bit firmer and thicker, completely in style of the Apple Watch. Nice details that we see from the Apple Watch Ultra are the speaker holes and the extra robust side switch. Also nice: the orange colored entrance of the charging port. All in all, we think it is a successful concept, although the chance that Apple will actually release a similar design is very small. According to the most recent rumors, Apple is working on an iPhone Ultra for 2024, which is even more expensive than the current Pro and Pro Max, with more exclusive features. What this will look like remains a big question mark for now.

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