The Sami minister could not answer a single question about the Sami


Published 7 February 2023 at 11.31

Cultural news. Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand (M), who is also “Sámi minister”, could not answer a single question about Sámi correctly when she was asked by SVT.

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Parisa Liljestrand visited Jokkmokk at the invitation of the Sami Parliament to gain a better understanding of the Sami.

– I hear from several quarters about threats and hatred and disrespect directed at the Sami and the worries me, she says.

During the visit she was put to the test by SVT Sápmi in the form of a quiz.

“The questions were easy, the reporter thought. What are the Sami languages ​​on the Swedish side of Sápmi? Name three Sami administrative municipalities! And what is the name of the chairman of the Sami Parliament?” writes SVT.

But the Sami minister did not manage to answer a single one of the questions correctly.

– It was a trick question, she says after the last question, “when the confusion becomes total”, writes SVT .

Culture Minister Parisa Liljestrand has previously been mocked for her ignorance of culture. In October, it turned out that she did not know who the film director Ruben Östlund is, even though he is perhaps Sweden's most internationally recognized cultural figure.