Rumor: “No new Mac Studio on the way (if an update comes at all)”


Are you interested in the Mac Studio, but are you waiting for a new version of the model released in 2022? It seems that there will be no successor for the time being, so the Mac Studio may even be a one-off product.

Benjamin Kuijten | – 6 February 2023, 10:11 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

Apple released a completely new Mac in March 2022 to everyone's surprise. The Mac Studio was a very new model, like a double Mac mini. The Mac Studio was the first Mac with an Apple Silicon Ultra chip and was (and still is, in some ways) the most powerful Mac at the time. The big question is how often and when Apple will update the Mac Studio. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman doesn't expect a Mac Studio Update to come anytime soon. The reason for this is the new Mac Pro.

‘No update for Mac Studio for now’

After the M1 Ultra chip of 2022, it is logically time for the M2 Ultra chip this year. Apple has now released the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, so the Ultra variant is the first in line to receive an update. But you won't find this in a new Mac Studio, but in the Mac Pro. And that, according to Gurman, is precisely the reason we don't see a new Mac Studio for a while. The Mac Pro and Mac Studio are very similar in terms of functions and with both the same chip, they are also just as fast. The Mac Pro is currently the only Mac with an Intel chip in it. Apple has already revealed that they are working on a successor with Apple Silicon and it would appear this year. It would be illogical for Apple to release both a Mac Pro and Mac Studio with M2 Ultra chip.

There is therefore a chance that Apple will never release an update for the Mac Studio, leaving it with a one-off model. That has happened more than once in the past. Apple released the iMac Pro in 2017, as an extra powerful version of the iMac. This appeared at a time when the Mac Pro was already four years old and an update was still two years away. The iMac Pro never received a real update, except for some improved parts. But it never came from a completely new model. The Mac Studio may suffer the same fate, but Apple could also wait for, say, the M3 or M4 versions of the Apple Silicon chip. The idea is that Apple will also be able to make more distinctions between the Mac Pro and Mac Studio by then.

The current Mac Studio will therefore remain the most current model for the time being. There have been no rumors about a successor at all. The Mac Studio has extra USB-C ports and an SD card slot at the front and is relatively compact compared to the Mac Pro. The price of the Mac Studio is also a lot lower, although you can make it quite expensive with upgrades.

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