Anti-immigration protests shake Ireland's rulers


Published 6 February 2023 at 13.27

Foreign. After a large number of anti-immigration demonstrations were held in Ireland, Irish police are now planning to crack down on the “far-right agitators” who are allegedly behind it, Breitbart News reports.

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Major anti-immigration demonstrations have taken place in different parts of the country every night, and the media and politicians claim that it is all due to a conspiracy by a group of dim-witted “right-wing extremists”.

A activist associated with the demonstrations, Graham Carey, has already been arrested and more crackdowns on organizers are expected, according to a source to the Irish Independent.

Police are also “very carefully” mapping the online activities of suspected individuals, according to the source.

Despite this, however, police action has so far done little to quell public concern, with the number of participants at the demonstrations increasing after Graham Carey was arrested on Wednesday.

Carey is from Finglas outside Dublin where some of the most well-attended demonstrations have been held. He is suspected of crimes against the state after writing critically about the police in connection with the demonstrations.