Horace Engdahl to SvD Kultur


Published 5 February 2023 at 15.06

Culture. Academy member and writer Horace Engdahl has been recruited to Svenska Dagbladet's culture page, the newspaper writes in a press release.

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Horace Engdahl describes himself as an independent writer with a checkered past as a literary scholar, author, critic and permanent secretary at the Swedish Academy. Now he joins SvD Kultur.

– There are two things I like about this: One: getting the opportunity to crush people's hope that I would be silent forever, and two: the tension, he says in the press release.

Engdahl, among other things, got the media after him in connection with Metoo. Not because he himself did anything inappropriate, because he had not, but because his views on the media phenomenon did not go down well with the media.

But now he is back in the spotlight.

– The genre is new to me. Maybe I will have to pour out current reading experiences and existential reflections in order for it all to come together, as trivial as the social news and the actions of media actors generally are during a normal week, says Horace Engdahl.