This is how you put your own viewing list from the TV app in the Top Shelf on the Apple TV


By default, the TV app on Apple TV shows full-screen trailers of recommended movies and series in the Top Shelf on the home screen. But you can adjust this with a simple setting, so that you can jump directly to your own films and series.

On Apple TV, some apps show a full-screen view when they are placed at the top of the Home screen. This applies, for example, to the Music and TV app. As an Apple Music subscriber, the Music app gives you recommendations for video playlists, and the TV app shows you what's new in Apple TV+ and the iTunes Store. Swipe up to play the trailers of recommended content. Via the settings it is possible to determine for the TV app what is shown in this Top Shelf. This way you can choose between your own viewing list or recommended content.

Top Shelf on Apple TV for the TV app: this is how you see your own films and series

Tired of these recommended content suggestions for the TV app or just want to get through your series even faster? Then you can easily adjust this yourself. Instead of the trailers of films and series, you will see your own rented, purchased and streamed films and series that you are watching in the TV app. How to customize the Top Shelf for the TV app:

  1. On the Apple TV, open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps > TV.
  3. Under Featured, choose Next.

Next is the name for the queue with your own films and series. After going through the steps, you will see that your own queue is displayed in the Top Shelf as soon as you have selected the TV app. By swiping up, you immediately jump to the right episode of your favorite series or start the movie in your watch list. Below you can see what this will look like if you choose Next.

Tip: If you link streaming services such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max to the TV app, you can also fill the TV app watch list with content from these services. You will also see the films and series that you watch on these services, so that you can play them directly from your home screen.

Would you rather get inspiration for new content and do you like to watch trailers? Then set the setting to Recommended via the steps below. The Top Shelf will then look like the screenshot below.

For more information about the TV app, check out our general explanation. You can read there what you can do with the TV app.

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