The Witcher 3 Patch 4.01: More performance and stability on PC and consoles


CD Projekt Red has released patch 4.01 for the next-gen update of The Witcher 3 (test) for PC and game consoles and is now using ray tracing to target the most urgent construction sites revamped action role-playing game, performance and overall stability.

With Patch 4.01, the Polish developer studio has released another update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the next-gen version, which addresses the problems that still exist on the PC and the current game consoles PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S accepts.

Small improvements for more FPS

On the PC, errors with the Screen Space Reflections (SSR) and with the performance mode are to be fixed in particular, which in turn should lead to higher and more stable frame rates. For the plus in FPS, however, more view range is sacrificed than it already is.

Improvements on the PC

  • On Fixed the issue where the “Screen Space Reflections (SSR)” setting would not work on PC even though it was turned on.
  • For players who previously had the SSR setting set to “high”, this may have an impact on performance.
  • A new performance mode for general lighting ray tracing has been added that can be toggled on or off by gamers with compatible hardware.
  • This improves framerate by prioritizing stable performance over distance representation and precision received.

As the official release notes reveal, the areas “Quests and Gameplay” as well as localization have also been improved.

Correction of game saves on PS5 and Xbox Series

Also a problem with the games and saves should be fixed with patch 4.01. Up to now it could happen that game consoles created more saves than actually necessary.

The game consoles from Sony and Microsoft also benefit from optimized Screen Space Reflections (SSR) and a generally better lighting in ray tracing mode, which is supposed to deliver more frames per second through optimization.

Improvements on Game Consoles

  • Fixed a bug where consoles would create more saves than intended, causing various issues with saving and resetting user settings.
  • The quality of Screen Space Reflections has been improved on next-gen consoles.
  • Ray tracing for general lighting has been optimized on next-gen consoles to improve performance in ray tracing mode.

In addition, on all Platforms Fixed bugs in the following quest lines that could cause players to be disrupted in their progress or game experience:

Bug-Fixed Quests

  • Wine Feuds: Belgaard
  • Preparing for Battle
  • Family Matters
  • A Dangerous Game
  • The King's Cunning
  • Axii Marionette

According to CD Projekt Red, various small fixes to quests and cutscenes have also been implemented, leading to a better gaming experience should contribute.

Depending on the respective platform, patch 4.01 is between 2.5 and 3.5 gigabytes in size and is available via the game distribution platforms n GOG and Steam now available for download.