Xbox Series X|S: Microsoft starts price increases in Japan


At least in Japan, Microsoft is following Sony's price increases for the PlayStation 5 with similar adjustments to the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Currency fluctuations are said to be the decisive factor again, as the manufacturer explains. There is currently no talk of price increases in other regions.

In Japan, Xbox prices are increasing

Now the time has come: Microsoft is increasing the price of the Xbox Series X|S in a first country. From now on, the two game consoles in Japan will cost the equivalent of around 35 to 40 euros more, which the manufacturer justifies with a re-evaluation of the market conditions, as can be seen from a statement. As an argument, Microsoft cites the consistency of the price structure in different regions. In fact, the yen has been depreciating against the US dollar since October, but is nonetheless above the average level of the last five years.

Microsoft Japan will revise the reference prices for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S […]. Microsoft regularly evaluates the impact of local pricing to ensure appropriate consistency across regions. This change is the result of an adjustment based on this assessment. The new retail prices are effective February 17, 2023.

Microsoft (Machine translation)

For the time being, Microsoft has not commented on possible price increases in other regions and countries. The European market could benefit from the fact that the euro has appreciated in value again recently. In Germany, the two current Microsoft consoles are currently available from 255 euros for the Xbox Series S and 500 euros for the Xbox Series X. The price of the two game consoles is already above the level that can now be expected in Japan after the price increases.

Xbox price increases in Japan

  • Xbox Series S
    • Old price: 32,278 yen (229 euros)
    • New price: 37,978 yen (269 euros)< /li>
  • Xbox Series X
    • Old price: 54,978 yen (390 euros)
    • New price: 59,978 yen (425 euros)

Sony raised prices as early as August 2022

It came as quite a surprise when Sony increased the price of the PlayStation 5 in many countries around the world in August 2022. In Europe and thus also in Germany, the recommended retail price of the PlayStation 5 with drive, which was still hardly available at the time, rose from 499.99 euros to 549.99 euros; the price of the PlayStation 5 without a drive increased from 399.99 euros to 449.99 euros. Normally hardware doesn't get more expensive a year and a half after the market launch, but rather cheaper – but the enormous demand, currency turbulence and rampant inflation brought Sony to the unusual decision.

Microsoft reacted promptly and assured that the two Xbox Series game consoles should not become more expensive. At the end of October, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in turn to the Wall Street Journal that future price increases can no longer be ruled out as a result of the persistently high inflation rates.

“I do think at some point we'll have to raise the prices on certain things , but going into this holiday we thought it was important to maintain the prices. We've held price on our console, we've held price on games, and our subscription. I don't think we'll be able to do that forever. I do think at some point we'll have to raise some prices on certain things.

Phil Spencer

It was quiet for a while until Microsoft then announced in December that first-party games on Xbox would be $70 instead of $60, a trend we're seeing elsewhere.