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Very short sentence for girl who strangled her little brother to death


Published 2 February 2023 at 13.55

Law & Right. Solna district court today sentenced a now 16-year-old girl, an immigrant from Kazakhstan, for a cold-blooded murder of her little brother. Thanks to a very generous sentence discount, however, she gets away with closed youth care for two years and eight months.

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The girl has admitted that she caused the boy's death in Vällingby on July 16, 2022 by strangulation. She was then 15 years old.

Among other things, she has tried to defend herself by saying that she did not know that a person could die by strangulation. However, the court does not buy that argument:

“According to the district court's opinion, it may be considered common knowledge, even for young people who are 15 years old, that a stranglehold on the neck can be associated with danger to life.”

< p>A witness has also said that the girl previously said that she wanted to strangle the younger brother to death. She has also searched for a phrase in Russian which was then translated into English: “How to kill your little brother?”

Several witnesses confirm that the girl behaved “indifferently and unruly” after the incident.

The district court judges that the girl acted with so-called indifference intent. This means that she understood that the boy could die from her actions, but that this did not stop her from doing what she did. According to the verdict, it has not been proven that she acted with intent.

According to the forensic psychiatric examination, the girl does not suffer from any serious mental disorder and, according to the district court, there are no conditions to sentence her to forensic psychiatric care.

< p>The punishment for an adult would have been 18 years in prison. With the youth reduction that applies when sentencing, this corresponds to four years in prison for the girl. According to the court, there are “extraordinary reasons for choosing prison as a penalty” when it concerns a murder. But since conditional release is not available in closed youth care, the sentence is instead determined to be closed youth care for two years and eight months.