“Sean Banan” is charged with drug crimes


Published 2 February 2023 at 09.44

Domestic. 37-year-old artist and comedian Sina Samadi, known as “Sean Banana”, is again facing drug charges.

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On January 2, 2023, the police received a tip that they smelled cannabis in a stairwell on Tulegatan in Stockholm.

When a police patrol arrived at the scene, they smelled a strong smell of cannabis outside one of the apartments . The patrol knocked on the door and the door was opened by a man. Inside the apartment was Sina Samadi, known by the stage name “Sean Banana”.

In police questioning, Samadi admitted that he had smoked marijuana.

– Out at a party in town. It was last Saturday, New Year's Eve, he said.

When asked how often he smokes weed, he replied:

– It started again about a month ago. I take it for my anxiety that comes and goes. I smoke at parties where people invite and I ask people about it.

He stated that he “thought about antidepressants but screwed up”.

In the fall of 2020, Sina Samadi was taken by the police with 0.85 grams of cocaine in the pocket. He was also under the influence of cannabis. It happened at the Mister French pub in Old Town in Stockholm.

Sina Samadi is a comedian, actor, singer and dancer who has achieved great popularity among children. He is also known for his commitment to immigration and his attempt to carry out an anti-SD coup during Melodifestivalen.