Honda is also betting on hydrogen. In 2024 a new Fuel Cell model


To achieve its goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050, Honda is also betting on hydrogen technology. And precisely in this regard, the Japanese car manufacturer presented its new strategy in which the Fuel Cell is the driving force behind the technology. hero. The builder will use the fuel cell systems also outside the automotive sector, in order to stimulate the diffusion of this technology.

We are talking, for example, of trucks, construction machines and energy generation systems. Honda is serious given that it has declared that it aims to sell 2,000 units in one year. per year of its system by 2025, to then market 60,000 (again per year) by 2030. And in the long term, by 2040, the Japanese manufacturer expects to market several hundred thousands of units; of your Fuel Cell system every year.


Fundamental to Honda's strategy on hydrogen will be the new generation of its Fuel Cell system developed in collaboration with General Motors. During 2024, the car manufacturer will launch a new car. in the United States and Japan a new fuel cell model based on the CR-V that debuted on the North American market last year.

Compared to the system installed on the Honda Clarity, the new generation of the Fuel Cell system should guarantee, according to Honda, a reduction in production costs by about a third, thanks to the adoption of innovative materials, the 39;use of a new structure for the cells and thanks to the improvement of the construction processes. The new system will guarantee the also a double life cycle compared to that of Clarity.

As regards commercial vehicles, however, in Japan, again in 2024, Honda plans to begin demonstration tests on public roads of a fuel cell-powered prototype truck in partnership with Isuzu Motors. The manufacturer recalls that in January 2023 it also started tests on a Fuel Cell truck together with Dongfeng Motor.

As mentioned at the outset, Honda intends to use fuel cell systems in power generation devices as well. As a first step, it is a stationary fuel cell power plant was installedwith an ability to approximately 500 kW, which reuses fuel cell systems from Honda Clarity vehicles, on the Honda corporate campus in California. This structure will be used as energy backup system for the data center. Furthermore, Honda aims to offer its fuel cells also to industrial vehicles such as excavators.

In order to encourage the use of this technology, it is necessary to create a hydrogen ecosystem. Precisely for this reason, Honda has supported the expansion of hydrogen refueling networks in Japan, participating in the Japan Hydrogen Station Network Joint Company and in North America by supporting the activities of the hydrogen station. from companies like Shell and FirstElement Fuel. From here on out, Honda has emphasized that it will take over the an active role in the creation of ecosystems based on hydrogen, participating in various initiatives.

The Japanese manufacturer is also collaborating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for the development of an ecosystem based on hydrogen 39;hydrogen to be used in future space programs.

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