AIK supporters are acquitted for banners against police officers who killed mentally disabled people


Published 2 February 2023 at 17.14

Domestic. A man and a woman who were prosecuted for, among other things, gross slander by police officers for the content of banners that were displayed in AIK's heel were acquitted by the district court. The Svea Court of Appeal has now confirmed the acquittal.

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In AIK's heel, during a match in 2019 at Friends Arena, banners were displayed directed at the police officers who were involved in the police intervention in 2018 when Eric Torell, 20, was shot dead with three shots.

< p>Torell had Down syndrome as well as autism and was running around playing with a toy gun when he was shot and killed. The three police officers involved were acquitted after the incident, which caused great anger.

At the current match between AIK and Örebro, the AIK heel held up different banners:

“[Policeman 1], [cop 2], [cop 3] armed again in the service of the community. Do the community a favor and shoot yourselves. Dirty killers”

“25 ​​shots to execute a mentally disabled person. It only takes three in your frontal bones “

A man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s were charged with, among other things, gross defamation for the content. The district court considered that what was written on the banners was criminal, but acquitted them on the grounds that the defendants had no intent.

In the court of appeal, the prosecutor relied on new evidence, including material from a reconstruction carried out by the police. However, the Svea Court of Appeal agrees with the district court's assessment and confirms the acquittal against the duo.