Threatened pizza delivery man with a gun – is barricaded in Hässleholm


Published 1 February 2023 at 07.38

Domestic. The police are currently negotiating with an armed man who barricaded himself in a residence in Hässleholm, the authority writes on its website.

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The police have been on site in Hässleholm during the night after an alarm about a threatening man with a weapon.

According to information from the police, a pizza delivery man called in after being threatened by the man. The police located the man at his residence and on site with the task force, negotiators and patrols.

At one point the man fired shots inside his residence, but did not point the weapon at anyone.

The police then answered the shots when the man came out of the residence and pointed his weapon at police. No injuries to people have been reported and the police state that the situation is under control and that negotiations are still ongoing.

The police have cordoned off the block around the man's residence, a villa, and do not want to release any further information about the man.

An ongoing incident is the exact reason why the man threatened with a weapon is still unknown.