Overwatch 2: Blizzard continues to row back towards Overwatch 1


Players are still not happy with Overwatch 2. With the start of the third season, Blizzard is now reversing other previous changes and bringing the remonitization disguised as a sequel closer to the first part – among other things by returning the old earnable currency “Overwatch Credits”.

The players are still dissatisfied

Even in the course of the second season, which will now come to an end in a few days, the criticism from the players did not stop. The stumbling block was still the horrendous in-game costs, the sluggish progression as part of the (free) Battle Pass and the fact that in the second season, playful advantages were offered for cash for the first time: those who paid could see the new heroes Play Ramattra instantly without a week-long grind. But the gameplay itself, the matchmaking, the new competitive system, many little things and even the loss of the loot boxes caused frustration.

On the background of the criticism of Overwatch 2

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Blizzard made improvements from time to time in small steps – here and there there was a skin that was available for free in Overwatch 1, then became a paid skin with Overwatch 2 again for a limited time, the Battle Pass was also added in its standard version with a few more cosmetic bonuses expanded and the developers have also screwed on the matchmaking. Now Blizzard is also announcing: The frustrating competitive system is to be revised again and the old in-game currency “Overwatch Credits” – which was no longer available with the start of Overwatch 2 and was renamed “Legacy Credits” – is returning.

Old skins are becoming less expensive

In concrete terms, this means that players will again be able to earn significantly more in-game currency in the upcoming third season at the beginning of February: 1,500 Overwatch credits should be available for completing the Battle Pass; in the premium version even 2,000. As a reminder, in the same two-month period, the best you could earn was 120 units of the new currency, Overwatch Coins, so unlocking a single legendary skin took eight months of intense play. Since “almost all” legendary skins can now be unlocked again using the old currency, this time is reduced to around two months.

In Season 3, we're bringing back Overwatch Credits, which had been previously shown as Legacy Credits and been unearnable in Overwatch 2. Now, all players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards and another 500 credits as premium rewards spread throughout Season 3 Battle Pass. […]

First, nearly all the epic and legendary tier skins prior to Overwatch 2 launch will always be available in the hero gallery for purchase with either Overwatch Coins or Credits. This includes skins from the seasonal event modes, so now you can finally pick up Witch Mercy, Surf 'N' Splash Torbjörn, or Snowman Wrecking Ball any time of the year without waiting for the event to roll around! Second, we're lowering the standard price of these legendary skins to 1500 Coins or Credits.


Blizzard also emphasizes that the price of those legendary skins will be reduced from 1,900 to 1,500 Overwatch Credits – apparently hoping that players have now forgotten that the price in Overwatch 1 was only 1,000 Overwatch Credits. Nonetheless, the publisher is committed to further adapting Overwatch 2 to make gaming more rewarding. However, there will only be further changes in later seasons – a return of the formerly popular “on-fire” status that has been missing since Overwatch 2 is also up for debate. Blizzard is currently completely silent on when the PvE part will follow.

These changes aren't the end of our journey to make Overwatch 2 a more rewarding game to play – they're just the beginning. We have more updates coming in future seasons, and we'll be reading your feedback to understand what's working, and what isn't, for all of you. […]

Generally, we want to add or improve systems that better celebrate players match to match as well as across seasons. One angle we have been exploring is revamping our “on fire” system to highlight when you’re having a particularly impressive performance within a match. And while still in the early stages, we have begun design work on a hero-based progression system that would showcase the energy players put into playing each hero and mastering their different capabilities.